Attaching an e-mail address to ICQ

Because Skype is getting worse and worse, I suggested to my girlfriend to get the free messenger¬†ICQ. That’s a free call, video call and chat client for PCs and different mobile phones.
It’s working much faster and much more smooth than Skype, and is generally quite nice.

The only problem is the registration… Continue reading Attaching an e-mail address to ICQ

BB Code Plugin – AngularJS

One of my many websites has quite a nice interface – a hybrid, a mixture of plain old school HTML and CSS, but has also a quite dynamic part, provided with AngularJS.

After some thoughts I decided to provide for that website a small extension, so the users can format their texts with some simple BB code.
Why BB? Simple, almost everyone knows what BB code is and it is much safer to use than just plain HTML code snippets. Continue reading BB Code Plugin – AngularJS